European Standards for Vocational Training in Urban Regeneration

Our partnership aims at establishing proper and reliable standards of vocational training in integrated urban regeneration. The principle is to provide a basis for thinking about urban regeneration and therefore the partnership involves academics and practitioners. We would like to achieve through provision of manuals containing examples of best practices in urban regeneration form Europe. The project is funded by the Leonardo da Vinci fund to develop a strong partnership and framework for future collaboration; however we are planning to expand the project through a different stream of funding.

In the first year of the project partners exchange know-how in field of urban regeneration as a interdisciplinary subject of didactic and vocational activity, comprising heritage management, financial aspects of regeneration projects, GIS analysis, sustainability and innovative applied urban conservation methods. The main approach will be continuous dialogue between partner institutions during meetings, mutual visits and through exchange of didactic and training materials.

During the second year of the project the partners will develop manuals for practitioners from each partner country focused on different aspects of urban regeneration, based on the most up to date case studies from each partner. This approach will ensure that partners can present good examples of practice in their countries and provide an opportunity to think how these could work in other places.

The final manuals should form a basis for programmes of vocational training and for formulation of uniform standards for vocational training in the field of urban regeneration. Its particular value is in focus on the World Heritage Site Cities, which are required to maintain highly effective management regimes in order to meet standards set up by the Word Heritage Committee, not only in spatial terms, but also social, concerning outreach schemes. The outcomes of the project will be translated into native languages of each partner.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The 3rd International Urban Regeneration Congress

  - Regeneration in Urban Policy

It is the third time that Institute of Urban Development (Poland) will organize the International Urban Regeneration Congress, which will be held in Krakow on the 4th – 6th June 2014.

It is dedicated to all those  who are connected with the issue of revitalization – experts, animators, scientists, practitioners, etc.
The Congress will take place in the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre (232, Jana Pawła II Avenue - Central Square), in the vicinity of the "old" Nowa Huta, 
a model city from the socialist realism period, today a district of Krakow listed as a cultural asset in the register of historic monuments, currently being intensively regenerated.

For further information about the Congress, the program content and the necessary formalities please refer to the following  website:

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